Sunday, January 24, 2010

Horse Pisser

Recently I learned about a woman who goes by the Title "Horse Pisser." No one knows what she looks like. They only know the effect that she has in the Bathroom. The victims come back from ground zero with Horrifying tales. "I could see her heels digging into the slippery tile trying to gain purchase." One female said. Another could not believe how loud it got. "I had to get out of there! The reverberation from the stream was more than I could handle." As a practical joke my sister duplicated it by emptying a liter of water about 4.5-5 feet above the toilet.

This got me thinking about bathroom etiquette. Socially speaking of course. That was when my research began.

On one of my breaks I walked to the break room, sliced an apple and filled my coffee cup with coffee and placed the cut up apple on a paper plate. I then placed the plate of apple on top of the mug and secured it with my thumb. Now I have two items in one handing leaving the other hand free. I thought how perfect and efficient it would be to stop by the bathroom to finish my routine before I head back to my desk. Everything went perfect. I made it back to my work station without losing any fruit or coffee.
Back at my desk my supervisor mentioned that she knew where the apples had been and did not approve. I then offered her a "bathroom apple." She thanked me and then declined my offer and said, "I will not partake in your bathroom coffee either."

Last week I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom at work while a co-worker was using a urinal. I slowly crept up from behind and started brushing louder. He never looked back. Later I asked him why. He said that he was hoping that it would just go away. I wonder if there is a rule against eye contact or oral hygiene. Publicly speaking of course.

A few days later a different co-worker followed me to the urinals. I turned and asked him what he thought of bringing food into the bathroom. I didn't think it was that funny of a question but he laughed nervously, didn't want to make eye contact and said that he didn't see a problem with it and that plenty of people do it all the time.

It seems that everyone has their own opinion so I googled it and found a Youtube video about Bathroom Etiquette. It is more accurate than funny but still funny because it's pretty true. The end sequence is over the top but the first 5 minutes are okay.

Bathroom Etiquette

I continued my search on the subject of bathroom etiquette and found this interesting article on these space age toilets in downtown Seattle. The article takes about 5 minutes to read.

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  1. Your style of writing is almost as entertaining as your style of speaking. I like this part: "He said that he was hoping that it would just go away."

  2. Thank you. You are you doing the kind of research that betters us.